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Pilgrimage Tour Georgia - Ancient kingdoms

Tbilisi, Shida Kartli.Gori.Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Batumi.


Day 1:


Arrival in Tbilisi. Meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation. Dinner. Tour the city at night. Tbilisi - "City of Light", a city of hospitality, friendship and love, stretched along the valley of the Kura River, between the mountain ranges of mountains and sv.Davida Mahat, located along the ancient ramparts of IV century Narikala. The old district of the city, picturesque cafes, antique shops, museums, contemporary exhibitions, "caravanserai" sparkling in the lights temples, bridges, and a grand cathedral Sameba, one of the highest in Europe.


Day 2:


Breakfast at 9.00. 10.00.otpravlenie in the north-west of Tbilisi. On the way to Mtskheta - ancient capital of Georgia, Georgia, the cradle of Christianity, the historical site of St outreach Nina is a monastery Jvari, which is a continuation of the form sheer cliffs. The extraordinary beauty of the place, inspired by the great Russian writer Lermontov. Action of the poem "IDRC" develops here, "the confluence of rustling, embraced like two sisters, jet Aragvi and Hens, was a monastery." The current monastery Jvari / cross / - gem of Georgian Christian architecture, the image is built many temples of Georgia, built in the VI century on the site erected St. Nina Cross. The central position in Mtskheta is the temple of Svetistshoveli / Living column / patriarchal cathedral church of the Georgian Orthodox Church, the former residence of the Catholicos of All Georgia-partriarha. At the site of the temple was built the first church in Georgia, the king on the advice of St. Miriani. Equal to the Apostles Niny.Tserkov was a wooden structure with support from the "life-giving pillar". The present church building XI century, in the name of the Twelve Apostles, is a great place to store holy Christian Heaton Lord. With this second Mtskheta called Jerusalem. Samtavro monastery is run by the Catholicos and Patriarch of All Georgia, Archbishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi Ilia II. Monastery of St.. Nina was built in the IV century king Miriani in place, "ezhevichnika" holy dwelling place and outreach St. Nina "Ezhevichnik" repeatedly felled by the barbarians, and the newly emerging vnogv is miraculous. The church kept many relics: a part of the life-giving pillar, the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Iberia, the miraculous icon of St.. Nina, the tombs of the kings of the saints Mirian and Nana, the relics of Saint Shio Mgvimskogo, the tomb of his father Gabriel, exuding miraculous Miron, there are numerous pilgrimage. In 2011, the supposed father of the canonization of Saint Gabriel. Monasteries and churches of Mtskheta are among the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Holidays and visits on the picturesque banks of the river restaurant "Salobie" menu with traditional beans (lobio), served in a clay pot, the national pie, mchadi (corn tortillas). Visit Shio Mgvimskogo Monastery, located a few kilometers. of Mtskheta in a narrow gorge on the north shore r.Kury. According to the historical tradition of the first monastic community was founded by a monk Shio in the VI century one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers who came to Georgia as missionaries of Christianity. The very first construction of the monastery church of St.. John the Baptist VI century. , To the same period the monks dug a cave.

Return to Tbilisi. Dinner. At the request of visiting sulfur baths (extra charge).


Day 3:


Breakfast at 9:00 am. Departure at 10.00. to the west of Tbilisi. Historical Shida / Internal / Kartli. Visiting the Cathedral Samtavisi on the picturesque banks of the river Lehura, the center of the Diocese of Samtavisi and Gori. It was founded in the VI century Assyrian missionary Isidore. Odnoko to date the ancient buildings have survived. The cathedral is a creation of medieval architecture in the XI. Uplistsikhe - the cave city - the fortress, located 15 km east of Gori, on the left bank of the Kura River. The history of the settlement relates to the 1 to 2 millennium before Christ. Important religious, cultural and political center of the ancient period and Hellenisticheskogo stories / IV BC - IV AD / Obed.Otdyh. Visit the temple Ateni - Sioni related to the VII century AD, located 10 kilometers from Gori to the south. The temple is situated in a picturesque area of ​​the valley of the river Tana, also known for its vineyards. Inspection of the ancient city of Gori, King David the Builder founded in XII century. Adorns the present day view of the city of Goris Tsikhe - Castle refers to the VII century. Panorama of the city, review, museum I.Stalina. / visit if you want extra /. Further to the west of Kutaisi. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner.


Day 4:


Breakfast at 9.00. Departure at 10.00. Kutaisi is situated on the river Rioni at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, is the historical capital of the kingdom of Colchis in the period of two thousand BC. The end point of the Argonauts travel to Colchis was exactly or Kutaisi, the capital of Colchis Aia in the Middle Ages the capital of the Georgian kingdom, the capital city of Kutaisi Imeretii.Sredi attractions Motsameta Church, in honor of the holy brothers David and Constantine made to fund the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Christian monastery of Georgia - Academy, founded in the XII century Gelati King David IV, who is buried in the monastery. Academy glorified the activities great minds of Georgia and John the Petritsi Arsene Iqaltoeli. The Academy is located in the north-west from Kutaisi in the picturesque valley Tshaltsitela, a distance of 11 km. The Cathedral, built by Bagrat III in 1003 called. e. Lunch and rest.

Seen in the vicinity of Kutaisi / 7 km. from Kutaisi / Reserve Sataplia, caves located on the reserve, where scientists found dinosaur footprints. Gegutsky palace, which is 4 km. south of Kutaisi, on a broad plain, was originally a small castle. At

Tsar Georgi III / 1154 -1184/byl turned into a royal palace. Return to the hotel in Kutaisi. Dinner. Free time.


Day 5:


Breakfast at 9.00. Departure at 10.00. Zugdidi - City of West Georgia historical province of Samegrelo, translated from the language means kolhskogo Great Hill. Located 30 km from the Black Sea. Visit the museum of the palace of the Queen, the palace Dadiani, which shows the death mask of Napoleon. One of the oldest botanical gardens. Visit Blachernae Church of Our Lady of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Birth, churches Mantshvarkari X-XIV century. Obed.Otpravlenie to the Black Sea. In the vicinity of the city of Poti is a lake Paliastomi in the territory of Colchis Reserve with its unique flora and fauna. Further along the coast of the Black Sea. Kobuleti.Prekrasny resort 13 km beach of the Black Sea, known climatic, balneological resort. Accommodation at the hotel. Uzhin.Svobodnoe time.


Day 6:


Breakfast at 9.00. 10:00. departure to the south-west, the road along the Black Sea fortress Gonio examination, a Roman outpost in Adjara in early AD The grave of the Apostle Matthew is presumed to be in the fortress. Inspection of the port of Batumi. Prekrasnaaya, landscaped promenade, a park along the sea, modern hotels, Batumi Aquarium - dolphinarium. In Batumi are a lot of confessions. Orthodox churches - the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the church sv.Varvary, Church of St. Nicholas.

Obed.Vozvraschenie in Kobuleti, the road is the world-famous Botanical Garden, located in the town of Cape Verde. Founded in 1912, Krasnov, brother of the Russian army of General Krasnov. Kobuleti. Dinner. Free time.


Day 7:


In the bathing season in Kobuleti (from March to November) rest on the Black Sea coast - a great three days at the wonderful beaches. Off-season visit to eastern Georgia. A day in the Kakheti region. Rich in historical monuments, famous wine culture. Councils Akhali, Dzveli Shuamta Ikalto Academy, Cathedral Alaverdi Sighnaghi, Bodbe.Gostinitsa in Gurjaani.


Day 8:


Depart for airport Tbilisi.Tbilissky. Departure.


Tour price:


Gruppa20-14chelovek: from $ 360 (B 1 November to 1 m aq) from $ 480 (B May 1 to November 1) from $ 530 -550 $ (category A year-round)

Gruppa13-10, from $ 420 (Category B from November 1 to May 1.), From $ 520 (Category B from May 1 to November 1) from $ 560 -580 $ (category A year-round) Group up to 9 people: from $ 520 (category B), from $ 560 (B to May 1 to November 1) from 590 $ -620 $ (category A year-round)

Category (B) Accommodation in guesthouses and 2 * hotels.

Category (A) room 2 *- 3 * hotels.

The tour lasts 8 days and 7 nights.

Discounts: for anyone organizing a group of 14 people, service is free.

The organization of the tour permamentno, upon receipt zayavok.Vozmozhna spetsturov organization at the request of the pilgrims and companies at special prices, as agreed, as well as discounts for certain categories, depending on the season and prices for transportation costs, gasoline, and hotel prices


Maintenance includes:


-Meeting at the airport,

Services of a guide,

-Transfer during the tour,


And cultural activities, but "at will"

- Accommodation,

- Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), (in contrast, workers from other companies in our industry, they have only two meals a day diet and without these nuances) with us you guarantee the same positions, spets.pitanie for people with diseases pishevaritelnogo tract and diabetes for children provided by the feed. Throughout the tour for those who need medical supervision is provided by the patronage of physicians of all specialties highly qualified doctors at our clinic

- Guide - interpreter

A representative of the church clerk,

- Participation in the washing,

-Presence in the liturgy,

-Participation in religious services,

Ceremony, wine tasting,

-Church meal

- Insurance.


In the service does not include:


flights to Georgia and back.


For an additional fee:


-Accommodation of a higher category;

Extra-cultural programs;

-Flights (when booking tickets to our firm provides the discount);

-An additional transfer at the request of the tourist surcharge;

-Tours and programs for horses and chaise;

-Participate in our events ensembles "Dance and Song," Philharmonic;

Of the trip accompanied by a photograph of the manufacture of discs the whole route.