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Pilgrimage tour to the position of vestments of the Virgin and the commemoration of Saints Peter and Paul

Day 1:


Arrival in Tbilisi. Meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation. Dinner, tour the city at night Tbilisi - "City of Light", a city of hospitality, friendship and love, stretched along the valley of the Kura River, between the mountain ranges of mountains and sv.Davida Mahat, located along the ancient IV AD fortification Narikala. The old district of the city, picturesque cafes, antique shops, museums, contemporary exhibitions, "caravanserai" sparkling in the lights temples, bridges, and a grand cathedral Sameba, one of the highest in Europe.


Day 2:


Breakfast-08: 00

 Departure to the north-west of Tbilisi. On the way to Mtskheta - ancient capital of Georgia, Georgia, the cradle of Christianity, the historical site of St outreach Nina is a monastery Jvari, which is a continuation of the form sheer cliffs. The extraordinary beauty of the place, inspired by the great Russian writer Lermontov. The action of the poem "IDRC" develops here, "the confluence of rustling, arm in arm like two sisters, jet Aragvi and Hens, was a monastery." The current monastery Jvari / cross / - gem of Georgian Christian architecture, the image is built many temples of Georgia, built in the VI century on the site erected St. Nina Cross. The central position in Mtskheta is the temple of Svetistshoveli / Living column / patriarchal cathedral church of the Georgian Orthodox Church, the former residence of the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia. At the site of the temple was built the first church in Georgia, the king on the advice of St. Miriani. Equal to the Apostles by Nina. The church was a wooden structure with the support of the "life-giving pillar". The present church building XI century, in the name of the Twelve Apostles, is a great place to store holy Christian Heaton Lord. Thanks to Mtskheta - called the Second Jerusalem. Samtavro monastery is run by the Catholicos and Patriarch of All Georgia, Archbishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi Ilia II. Monastery of St.. Nina was built in the IV century king Miriani in place, "Ezhevichnika" holy dwelling place and outreach St. Nina "Ezhevichnik" repeatedly felled by the barbarians, which arises again and again, a miraculous


Lunch time.

 After obeda go in Kobuleti.



Day 3:


 Day of Remembrance of the Apostles Peter and Paul


Breakfast-08: 00

administration in Kutaisi - a city in western Georgia. Located on both banks of the Rioni River at an altitude of 125-300 m above sea level. Located in Kutaisi Cathedral and Gelati Monastery Bagrati - UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Participate in a ceremony in St. Peter's Church and St. Paul

 Visit the Temple erected by Bagrat in Kutaisi, in the reign of Bagrat III, it was the main cathedral of his kingdom, was consecrated in honor of the Assumption in 1003 godu.Velichestvenny in size and proportions of the church has become a fundamentally new development in the history of Caucasian architecture was richly decorated with carvings and mosaics and played a crucial role in the medieval history of Georgia. In particular, it was here, was crowned David IV the Builder. Gelati Monastery near Kutaisi Virgin - the most important medieval monastery in Georgia. Center church and cultural life, residence of the Catholicos of the 2nd floor. XVI century. until 1814, World Heritage Site. It was founded by King David IV the Builder in 1106 and became his tomb. Collegiate Church was built before 1125 and five years were decorated with mosaics, which are considered among the best in the whole Caucasus region. At that time the monastery was the seat of Gelati Academy, whose members are keenly interested in the ancient Greek filosofiey.V XIII century to the monastic church of St. ensemble added. Nicholas and St. George, as well as three-tier belfry. Mural painting refers to different periods of Georgian history, from the XII to XVIII century, particularly notable portraits of royal personages. Before the monastery remained a lot of valuable icons and works of applied art in Soviet times they were confiscated and distributed to museums.

return to the hotel of the city of Kobuleti.



Day 4:


Breakfast-08: 00

departure in Guria. Guria is located in the seaside of West Georgia, Colchis lowland and adjacent mountainous areas. The most ancient traditions, history and ethnography of Guria be interested as pilgrims and tourists alike. In Guria operates many ensembles and choirs, performers Georgia, including Gurian and dances and songs.

The most significant religious and cultural sites:

Lihauri church. Due to heavy snowfall in western Georgia in the village Lihauri (Guria region) collapsed outer wall of the church, built in the Middle Ages. Church of Our Lady was built in the 14th century.)

Shemokmedi monastery complex.


Gurieli palace.

Jumat monastery.

castle and church complex ASKA and Peter (1 BC)

return to the hotel of the city of Kobuleti.



Day 5:


Breakfast-08: 00

 departure in Batumi city and port in Georgia on the Black Sea, stolitsaAdzharskoy Autonomous Republic, the main tourist center of modern-day Georgia [3]. In the early Middle Ages was part of the Lasik later united Georgian state, then ruled by princes of the Principality Megrelian Odishi. In the Middle Ages called the bat [Today Batumi is the most important cultural, economic and tourist center in Georgia. Most of the buildings in the city dates back to XIX century. The town is an ancient fortress "Tamara" and the Orthodox Church, built in Gothic style. In Batumi, home to 121,806 people, density of population - to 7293.8 km ², the majority of the population are Georgians, the Georgian Orthodox Church parishioners are especially beautiful Old Batumi. Most of the buildings dates from the XIX century.


The city has a fortress "Tamara" Georgian Orthodox churches, mosques and the Catholic Church, as well as in Tbilisi, the various concessions tserkovnyke centuries sosednichayut with one another, producing nternatsionalizm Georgian nation and Georgian Orthodox Church, tolerance of all religious lines, except for religious monuments that our guests will visit the pilgrims in Batumi interesting, in our opinion, the Drama Theater (1952), a cinema "Tbilisi" (1964). Monuments of Medea with the Golden Fleece, Alexander Pushkin, Vaja Pshavela, Shota Rustaveli. In Batumi, you will see numerous fountains, among them a unique musical fountain with three-dimensional holographic setup. Decoration of the city is Seaside Park - Promenade, which stretches for 8 kilometers along the beach. Bathing season - from May to October.


Near Batumi, on the Green Cape, the famous Botanical Gardens, lunch, then go to the fortress Gonio. The fortress was a Roman outpost Gonio vAdzharii, on the Black Sea, 15 km south of Batumi, at the mouth of the river Chorokhi. The village is located 4 km north of the border with Turkey. The city was also known for its theater and hippodrome. In addition, the tomb of the Apostle Matthew, one of the twelve alleged to be in the fortress of Gonio. However, the Georgian government currently prohibits excavations near the tomb. Other archaeological excavations carried out in a fortress, with particular attention to the Roman vremenam.Gonio is currently experiencing a tourism boom. Many tourists from Tbilisi in the summer months, enjoy the beaches, which are generally considered to be cleaner than the beaches near Batumi.


Return to the hotel of the city of Kobuleti, rest, dinner,


Day 6:


Breakfast-07: 00

administration to Zugdidi. To celebrate the removal of Heaton Mother Bozhey.Po end of which pilgrims can venerate him blessings and pigs svyaschennikov.Polozhenie Heaton Mother of God only comes once a year is July 15. At the end of the celebration of the fan and the mother of God Heaton visit other monuments of Christianity and the city tour Zugdidi. There are more dramatic theater named Shalva Dadiani, historical and ethnographic museum located in a former palace complex of the last ruler of Samegrelo DL Dadiani. Megrelian Generic palace princes Dadiani. Known for its garden, to create a princess whose ruler of Samegrelo Dadiani in the middle of the XIX century has invited eminent European gardeners and was discharged from the European rare species of plants. Today Dadiani garden - it's Zugdidi Botanical Garden.

Cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church in Zugdidi in construction money allocated Russian Emperor Alexander I, he returned as one of the lists Blachernae Mother of God, which according to tradition more than once saved Constantinople from invasion of enemies. Blachernae brought it to Megrelia from Constantinople and represented one of the main values โ€‹โ€‹of the princes Dadiani. The temple contains the following common Christian values โ€‹โ€‹- the robe and the belt of the Blessed Virgin, the relics of Saint George and Saint John, Saint Marina brush, sponge and part of which had drunk the vinegar, Jesus Christ, caught in Georgia from Byzantium after its capture by the Turks in 1453.



July 15 is celebrated festival of the temple - Vlarhnoba.


Return to the hotel Rest of Kobuleti.




Day 7:



departure in Vardzia ("Castle Rose") - the famous cave monastery in Georgia, located in Akhaltsikhe district, Tiflis province, in Hertvisskom gorge the river Mtkvari. The caves are located in several stories, one of them has a swimming pool with spring water, all the caves about three hundred. Home Church of the Assumption, was carved into the rock by order of Queen Tamar and her father George XIII in the XII century on the walls of the church frescoes depicting Queen Tamara, and her father's painting of the Last Judgement. The tradition of burial at Queen Tamara V. historical data is not confirmed. B. was the favorite residence of Queen Tamara. In the XIV century monastery was ravaged by the Mongols, and in the XVI century - the Shah of Persia Tahmasbom who plundered the wealth of the monastery. In recent times, the monastery of Vardziyskogo resumed at private expense.


Travel to Tbilisi



Day 8:


 Breakfast at 8:00 am.

Attendance at the morning service at the Cathedral "Sameba" or the church of St, Alexander Nevsky, Free vremya.Poseschenie tasting room. Wine Tasting.

Check out. The airport.


Tour price:


gruppa20-14chelovek: from $ 480 (B), from 530 $ -550 $ (Category A)

gruppa13-10, from $ 520 (B) from 560 $ -580 $ (category A) team up to 9 people: $ 560 (B) from 590 $ -620 $ (category A)

Category (B) Accommodation in guesthouses and 2 * hotels.

Category (A) room 2 *- 3 * hotels.

The tour lasts 8 days and 7 nights.




 for anyone organizing a group of 14 people, service is free.

The organization of the tour permamentno, upon receipt zayavok.Vozmozhna spetsturov organization at the request of the pilgrims and companies at special prices, as agreed, as well as discounts for certain categories, depending on the season and prices for transportation costs, gasoline, and hotel prices

Maintenance includes:

Services of a guide,

-Transfer-arrival and departure at the airport,


 during the tour,


And cultural activities, but "at will"

- Accommodation,

- Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner), (in contrast, workers from other companies in our industry, they have only two meals a day diet and without these nuances) with us you guarantee the same positions, spets.pitanie for people with diseases pishevaritelnogo tract and diabetes for children provided by the feed. Throughout the tour for those who need medical supervision is provided by the patronage of physicians of all specialties highly qualified doctors at our clinic

- Guide - interpreter

A representative of the church clerk,

- Participation in the washing,

-Presence in the liturgy,

-Participation in religious services,

Ceremony, wine tasting,

-Church meal

- Insurance.

In the service does not include: airfare to Georgia and back.


For an additional fee:


-Accommodation of a higher category;

Extra-cultural programs;

-Flights (when booking tickets to our firm provides the discount);

-An additional transfer at the request of the tourist surcharge;

-Tours and programs for horses and chaise;

-Participate in our events ensembles "Dance and Song," Philharmonic;

Of the trip accompanied by a photograph of the manufacture of discs the whole route.