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in the footsteps of the elders of the Georgian

Day 1:


Arrival in Tbilisi. Meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation. Dinner. Tour the city at night. Tbilisi - "City of Light", a city of hospitality, friendship and love, stretched along the valley of the Kura River, between the ridges of the mountains of St. David, and Mahat, located along the ancient IV AD fortification Narikala. The old district of the city, picturesque cafes, antique shops, museums, exhibitions, Caravan Saray, gleaming in the lights temples, bridges, and a grand cathedral Sameba, one of the highest in Europe


Day 2:


Breakfast at 9.00. 10.00.otpravlenie in the north-west of Tbilisi. On the way to Mtskheta - ancient capital of Georgia, Georgia, the cradle of Christianity - the historical places outreach of St Nina. Jvari Monastery, which is a continuation of the form sheer cliffs. The extraordinary beauty of this place inspired the great Russian poet Lermontov. Action of the poem "The Novice" develops here, "the confluence, rustling, embracing, as if two sisters, jet Aragvi and Hens, was a monastery ...». The current monastery Jvari / Cross / - gem of Georgian Christian architecture, which is built on the model of many churches of Georgia - built in the VI century on the site erected St. Nina Cross. The central position in the town of Mtskheta Mtskheta is / Holly Pillar / - the Cathedral Church Patriarch of Georgian Orthodox Church, the former residence of the Georgian Catholicos-Patriarch. In the fourth century on the site of the present cathedral was built a wooden church of Saints Miriani king on the advice of Saint Nina. The present building of the cathedral in Mtskheta name of the Twelve Apostles refers to the XI century and is a great place to store holy Christian Heaton Lord. Thanks to Mtskheta called the second Jerusalem. Samtavro monastery (Prince) was built by the kings of Saints Miriani and Nana (4.) In the royal garden, where she lived the holy Nina. At this point, grew bushes of blackberries, which have been preserved to our time. Their peculiarity is that when transplanted to another place they do not take root, and in spite of the fact that many times were cut down by the conquerors grew again. At this place was built a little church of St. Nina. To the convent, in the church of the Transfiguration are many shrines: Pillars of the Holy, the miraculous icon Iberian Mother of God, wonder-working icon of St.. Nina, the burial place of kings Saints Mirian and Nana, the relics of St. Abibosa (Aviva) Nekresi. In the courtyard of the monastery are the graves of the elders, respected people: Abraham and Schemamonk Archimandrite Gabriel (Gabriel). In view of the many healings that took place at the tomb of Archimandrite Gabriel, the custom - to take the oil from the receptacle on his tomb, which became the site of numerous pilgrimages. Nation honors the father of Gabriel as a saint. The monastery and cathedral Samtavro Svetitskhoveli are among the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Holidays and visits on the picturesque banks of the river Mtkvari (Kura), the restaurant "Salobie", which serves traditional lobio (beans) in an earthenware dish with mchadi (corn cakes) and other national dishes. Visit Shio Mgvimskogo Monastery, located a few kilometers. of Mtskheta in a narrow ravine on the left bank r.Mtkvari. The monastery was built by a disciple of St. John by St. Shio Zedazeni at the end of VI century - one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers who came to Georgia at the command of the Mother of God to strengthen Christianity, anti-Mazdaism and grounds of monasteries. One of the most ancient temples of the monastery of St.. John the Baptist (VI century) survived to this day. To this period belong cave cell the monks.

 Return to Tbilisi. Dinner. At the request of visiting sulfur baths / extra /.


Day 3:


Breakfast at 9:00 am. 10.00 departure to Eastern Georgia into the inner Kakheti. The road runs through the whole Kakheti region, along the river valley Alazani. Cathedral of the XVI century monastery and Akhali Shuamta V - VI centuries. Dzveli Shuamta on the walls of which inscriptions on ancient Georgian alphabet Asomtavruli. A few kilometers. south of the monastery and Ikalto Academy, founded by another disciple of St. John Zedezenskogo Rev. Zenon. Later in this monastery was opened Ikaltoiyskaya famous academy Rev. Arsen (Arseniy) (XII century).. Tomb of the holy fathers of Zeno and Arsene are in the territory of the monastery. Inspection Alaverdi monastery founded in the second half of VI century Assyrian father Reverend Iosebom (Joseph), in whose territory the cathedral Alaverdi which honored not only by Christians but also Muslims. St Joseph's Tomb is located inside the Cathedral. Lunch time. Visit the Grammy, the capital of Kakheti, which was built in the Middle Ages. Temple of the Holy Archangels - a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Nekresi. The monastery, founded by a disciple of St. John Zedezenskogo Abibosom (Aviv) in the VI century, who was the Bishop's chair. One of the most ancient basilicas of Georgia, preserved almost in its original form. The only temple where people sacrificing pigs, instead of the usual sacrifices of sheep and goats. The reason you open our experienced guide. Upon request the return in Tbilisi, or visiting the city with overnight Gurjaani. Dinner. 19.00.Svobodnoe time.


Day 4:


Breakfast at 9.00. Departure at 10.00 Sagarejo, where the cathedral Ninotsminda, 575 g, which is one of the earliest monuments of Christian architecture. Currently working female monastery. Lunch time. Further inland Kakheti region in Signagi. Visit the nunnery Bodbe - one of the most revered shrines of Georgia. Shrine of St. George, the building which belongs to the IV century. In the limit of this temple is the tomb of St. of St Nina, the Enlightener of Georgia. This temple was built during the life of St. Nino, Equal of the Apostles at King Miriani. On the spot where according to legend the saint prayed Nina, came from the land of spring, whose waters are curative. When the source is a pool, where pilgrims can dive into the water. Near the south-east of the Monastery of Hirsi, also based Syrian monk Stephen - a disciple of St. John Zedezenskogo. Beautiful, majestic temple of the ancient architecture of the VI century, which houses the tomb of St. Stephen's Hirsskogo. Return to Tbilisi. Dinner 19.00. Free time.


Day 5:


Breakfast 9.00.Otpravlenie 10.00. A trip to Zedazeni. Zedazeni monastery was built by St. John - Abba Georgian monks vVI century. The monastery complex consists of: the church - Basilica of St. John the Baptist, the sixth-century walls of the XVII century, the bell tower of the XVIII century. The monastery is situated near the town of Zedazeni Mtskheta, on the left side of the Mtkvari, on top of the mountain, where a clear hearth can be seen a quarter of Georgia. Next, our tour goes along the Georgian Military Highway, which connects Tbilisi with Russia, built in 1863 along the historical trade route to the "northern neighbor." It is often mentioned in Russian literature, for example, in "A Hero of Our Time", Lermontov. On our way Mtskheta-old capital of Georgia, further along r.Aragvi, past the medieval fortress Ananuri, located 70 kilometers from Tbilisi. (1689), the mainstay of the Aragvi Eristavi, one of the great monuments of the Georgian feudal architecture. At the confluence of the rivers and Vedzathevi Aragvi, at the narrowest point of the gorge was built formidable fortress-monastery (in fact almost all the churches in Georgia were impregnable fortresses). At the present time in the Citadel are three of the temple and the oldest building - the tower with a pyramidal roof. Lunch time. Rest. Further, at an altitude of 2170 meters at the foot of Mount Kazbegi - the second highest peaks of the Caucasus / 5033 m /, on the right bank tributary Tergi (Terek) - Chheri, located Gergeti Holy Trinity Church of the XIV century, cross-domed church in the past - Storage Cross St. Nina. Go to the temple rises a narrow path that tourists can walk or if you wish (extra charge) on ATVs.

Return to Tbilisi. Dinner.


Day 6:


Breakfast is 9.00. Inspection of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, founded in V century AD. Oe. holy Vakhtang Gorgasali, King of Iberia. Tbilisi is the most important industrial, social and cultural center of Georgia. In addition to sacred sites, the guide takes you through the narrow streets of old town, after a visit to which you move to a picturesque beach Mtkvari to the residence of the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II. Visiting the exhibition souvenir. But it will be later, but for now check the oldest architectural monuments. Nearby is the temple Anchiskhati (VIv.) - the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, where were stored the Image of Christ, which was brought from Syria, a disciple of St. John of Saint Anthony Martkopi. Temple Metechi (XII), where the tomb of the holy martyr Shushanik - Queen Ranskoy (V a).) Narikala-fortress complex of different ages on the Mount in the Old Tbilisi. Built in the IV century. Zion - so nicknamed in honor of the Zion Mount in Jerusalem, the main temple of Tbilisi, was consecrated in the name of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Stands on the banks of the Kura River in the historic city center. Prior to the construction of the cathedral Sameba (Holy Trinity, 2004). There was a department of the Georgian Catholicos-Patriarch. The main shrine of the cathedral of St. Cross. of St Nina, woven out of vines, hair tied with St. Nina. Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain). Church of St. David's (the place where in the VI. Garedzhiyskogo David was a cell - one of the thirteen Syrian Fathers who came to Georgia for the spread of Christianity). Kashveti Church of St. George in the center of Tbilisi, located in front of the Parliament of Georgia on Rustaveli Avenue. According to tradition, St. David's maligned / Dawit's mother / woman was punished because bare rock, which means - a quasi joint.

 Visit the Russian Orthodox Church Alexander Nevsky. In the churchyard is the grave of Archimandrite Vitaly famous ascetic life, the Metropolitan Zenobia (in the world - Zachariah) - Bishop of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which until the end of his life living in a cell at Alexander Nevsky church. In the cell currently resides Archimandrite George (born Bublichenko Ivan A.), the beloved and revered by his flock. With the blessing of Archimandrite George day after the service in the church held the meal, which are attended by members of socially vulnerable flock. Meals are held by church donations. Love for his father George and his life to strengthening the faith of the flock and her desire to live according to Christian truths. Well-known contemporary spiritual writer, Archimandrite Raphael (Karelin) is a clergyman of the church. Among the spiritual children of the Lord Zenobia was the future Patriarch Ilia II, head of the Georgian Church and the "Father of the Nation."

 Lunch time. Rest. Tsminda Sameba - Holy Trinity Cathedral - the Patriarchal Cathedral - located in Tbilisi, on the hill of St. Elijah (the left bank of the Kura). Inside the cathedral, 13 sees. The lower church - in honor of the Annunciation; the belfry stands alone. The height of the cathedral is 105.5 meters. There is a department of His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos - Patriarch of All Georgia, Archbishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi, Metropolitan Bichvintskogo and Abkhazia - the Primate of the Georgian Church, Ilia II, when the patriarchate which was a massive revival of Orthodoxy in Georgia. When it was founded Tbilisi Theological Academy, the Gelati Academy was revived, published by the Bible in modern Georgian. The number of dioceses in Georgia has increased to 33 the number of monasteries to 53, restored and built many churches, saints canonized by the new. This is an incomplete list of achievements of the Georgian Church, performed the works and the prayers of His Holiness. Dinner under the guidance of Toastmasters.


Day 7:


 The cultural program. Visiting the Art Museum of Georgia, where gold reserves are stored in a unique old icons and the ethnographic museum in Turtle Lake. Available for those wishing to meet with Archimandrite Raphael Karelin.


Day 8:


Breakfast 8.00.

 Attendance at the morning service at the Cathedral "Sameba."

 Visit the tasting room. Tasting of Georgian wines. Free time.

 Transfer to the airport.