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About us

Our company was founded in 2000 by the All Georgian Medical Workers Protection Association, numbering in their rows more then 22000 members. Association has founded the Medical-Social Science Academy, bringing together more than 200 doctors of medicine, law, economics, sociology, demography, produced newspaper (4500 copies, 2,800 subscribers), advertising in the newspaper at a discount is provided to all our partners .Establishing the firm, we took into account many suggestions from doctors around the world, their desire to get acquainted with a unique ancient culture and centuries of rich history of Georgia, religion, and the sights, relax on a variety of medical - improving the Georgian resorts .15 years experience in organizing international conferences, seminars that are served by groups of guides ,demonstrated our ability to receive foreign guests at the highest level, to acquaint with Georgia, its past, present and future..Estimates of our guests can be found on the main page.

We will be glad to consider any proposal for mutual co-operation received from the tour. operators of public and private sector on pilgrimage and tourism, (each who collects a group of 14 people goes free or receive monetary compensation equal to one tour prise). Our firm offers services to tourists from all over the world.

Thank you for your attention.