Оценки гостей с различных туров


Our guests are very happy that they have the opportunity to visit Georgia and get pleasure from its beauty.One of the guests,the priest compares Georgia with a dimond gifted by God and says that everything in Georgia sparkles by the power of God,which is seen almost in every place.The professor thanks God that the God has given her to live so long in order to see such kind of unforgotable beauty of Georgia.She also thanks the organizator of the trip who invited them to Georgia for his warm,welcome,hospitality and untiring work and the driver who drove them to unique places. All visitors are very impressed with what they have been offered in Georgia.

I have been to many countries,but I have never had such kind of feelings and impressions as I have got here on this holy land.I am in the heaven with happiness that I am standing now on the land which is blessed by God and many people dream to visit Georgia and to be in my place.There are many thaumaturgist churches,icons and waters in Georgia which cure ill and sick people and after that they feel like new born ones.Such place is the place where we are standing now it is Vardzia.
I am very happy that the meeting with Catholicos of All Georgia Ilia-II happened at the first hours of our arrival in Georgia.We thank God that we had such great chance that our group could get Catholicos of All Georgia Ilia-II blessing.
I liked Georgia very much and Georgian people who are very believers in God.Let God bless your country and people in order to keep your culture,historical monuments,strong Christian belief,roods and custums and I wish Georgia to be always powerful and sparkled state.
It’s great that our visitor already knows Georgian and she expresses her love to God in Georgian,she says:”Dzvirpaso me shen mikvarkhar,upalo shemickale”.Which means in English:”Dear, I love you and bless me”. And we’ll be happy to receive such guests again on our land.
The impressions which I got in Georgia expressed very touchable feelings,which I never had before and I’ll keep it in my heart for ever.
I am very thankful for Georgian hospitality and good care of the prayers.We are leaving Georgia with sadness,but satisfied.We wish your country Georgia sparkle for ever and get many prayers from other countries to see your holy sites.
I am very happy that I have visited your devine country.The impressions are great.Christianity is a good ceremony,it helps people to clean off and get health and heavenly